California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, has been a political hero since the 1970’s. He has ended major tax breaks for oil companies, cracked down on polluters, and began the movement toward more solar energy. In his inaugural address back in 2015, he vowed to keep climate change as one of his key issues. His goal is to see the state of California using renewable sources for at least half of its energy use by 2030.

In late 2017, German media hailed Governor Brown as the “anti-Trump” for his efforts in keeping America involved in the commitments of the 2015 Paris Agreement, focusing to cut down greenhouse emissions. Even with the doubt expressed by President Trump about the reality of climate control and the threat of leaving the Paris Agreement in 2020 for U.S. business benefits, Governor Brown persists.

“Unfortunately, no one’s in charge — everyone is creating the problem, and unless everyone contributes to the solution, then the job won’t get done. So if Germany does a good job, but China doesn’t, we’re not accomplishing anything. If the United States does something, but India doesn’t go with it, it won’t solve the problem” said Governor Brown on his 10-day visit enroute to the UN conference in 2017.

With a common destiny for everyone around the globe, we all have to wake up and begin taking action. The timing is unknown, as well as the magnitude, but for those who see the scientific proof and understand that this is a problem, it’s our job to lead the world to this realization.

This September, Governor Brown will be hosting a Global Summit to unite people around the world to inspire greater commitments in support of decreasing global climate change. Those in attendance will share what achievements they’ve made toward improving our world and what commitments they’ll make to continue cutting emissions, decarbonizing, and protecting our prosperity. Overall, the summit aspires to change the conversation of climate change. By broadening and depoliticizing the issue, there’s hope that more will feel empowered to call for change.