If you are a homeowner, business, or a community and want to start reducing your carbon footprint by switching to solar energy, New York State is now making solar energy more accessible. Through NY-Sun, solar energy is becoming an option for more people. NY-Sun’s goal is to “help make it possible for New Yorkers to choose clean energy while lowering their energy costs.”

NY-Sun is using different resources to reach their goals, helping New Yorkers harness the power of the sun. They provide a range of offerings to make solar energy more affordable. These incentives and financing are for home and businesses to make going solar more affordable for individuals. NY-Sun provides homeowners and renters with information that they need to make an informed decision about the solar power they will be choosing. So the government can identify more opportunities and create solar programs, NY-Sun provides training, tools, and assistance.

A unique feature of NY-Sun is their community solar for homes and businesses. They have created community solar projects. This expands the access and opportunity for businesses and homes to take part in another affordable project to add solar energy to their buildings.

NY-Sun is a component of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). REV helps with informing the consumers of their energy saving choices and also develops new energy products and services. Both companies are focused on protecting the environment and create new job opportunities for New York State.

New York State has an energy plan set up to make New York’s future cleaner. The plan includes:

  • Contains actionable policy recommendations
  • Analyses to guild the State’s efforts to advance new energy technologies that foster an innovate clean energy economy
  • Addresses energy use
    • Sources and impacts
    • Provides details on how the State developed its vision and initiatives
  • Forecasts energy supply and demand
  • Provides a statewide inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and flaws of the energy system
  • Informs New York residents on impacts that are associated with energy production that affect the environment and public’s health

Solar energy is becoming more affordable and accessible that it could be a resource for anyone in the New York State area. This new movement could help lower energy use and help save our environment.