This past summer, Governor Jerry Brown of California announced the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit is set to be held in San Francisco on September 12th through the 14th.

In a recent video of Governor Brown posted to the Global Climate Action Summit, he calls for tens of millions of people to join together to help fight climate change. Climate change is providing an existential threat to not only Americans but everyone around the globe. Governor Brown is calling for business owners, musicians, singers, mathematicians, students, professors, scientists, and anyone who can help represent the world’s population to do something.

While President Trump is trying to get out of the Paris Agreement, he does not speak for all Americans. Whether you’re in California or any other state across America, now is the time for our actions.

This summit will prove to the people that there are leaders and everyday citizens all over the globe who are committed to supporting the Paris Agreement. Speakers will share what has been achieved so far in the race against climate change and what they will commit to doing in the immediate future to further improve our world.

The commitments we make in 2018, we will begin to gain us momentum for the turning point we expect to see in 2020 which will prevent horrific effects of climate change. Nations around the globe will be held accountable for cutting emissions that limit warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, based on a trajectory backed by science.

The result of this summit will ultimately lead to the depoliticizing of the issue, a broadened conversation, and a stronger desire to preserve the world’s future.

Co-chairs for the Global Climate Action Summit are Governor of California, Jerry Brown; Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, Patricia Espinosa; Chair of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra; and U.N. Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, Michael Bloomberg. The Advisory Committee is made up of Andrew Higham, Facilitator of the Advisory Committee & CEO of Mission 2020; Aron Cramer, President and CEO of BSR; Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group; Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Leader of Climate and Energy Practice at WWF International and former President of COP 20; Mark Watts, Executive Director of C40; Mindy Lubber, President & CEO of Ceres; and Wael Hmaidan, Executive Director of Climate Action Network International.