Welcome To My Website 

Welcome!  Work by John Slifko has focused on democratic civil society, communication studies and the environment.  A growing interest for John has been the philophical work of John Dewey and how this very large body of primary and secondary material applies to inquiry, poiesis, and praxis in the civil sphere, communication the environment and gender studies.  

Please feel free to click through the rest os the site as John Slifko introduces himself, his work and projects past, present and future. There is always time to renew old freindships, to make new friends and acquantances and find common interests and work with new colleagues!  John has created the site in significant degree to learn about the work, hope and thought of others. That is sheer fun.  To these last ends, a wide range of social media links, and other technics, are going to be installled here at his site over the next year.           

It is a very big world, sky above and earth below.  

The game is afoot as Sherlock Holmes was want to say!